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    Enter Traveler and Listen to the Tale of *The Shadow Lands*. Draken has just left Komilay with some fellow mercenaries and friends. Follow them in their travels to stop Iomproir Bais from driving the world into eternal chaos.

  • Draken Valen

    Draken hails from a country of goliath barbarians shrouded in mystery, Kelmorzain. Draken's small tribe was attacked by the warlord Iomproir Bais. Some of the young men were captured and sold into slavery, this included Draken. Draken was eventually sold …

  • Nadarr Skalgran

    Nadarr is originally from a small town called Drextain found in the mountains of Dengendal. After coming of age Nadarr was trained by both his towns religious leader known as the Sceal-desh and the weaponsmaster they called Scen. He then was dragged into …

  • Iomproir Bais

    Iomproir Bais was a renowned warlord of the Distrugerea armies, after his conquest of Vernelia continent 170 years ago Iomproir's taste of domination was sated. 93 years ago the Fuath Empire collapsed and Iomproir sunk away into darkness not to be heard …

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