Iomproir Bais

I will take everything and destroy those in my way.


Improir Bais, level 30
Vryloka, Hybrid (Paladin (Blackguard)/ Warlord)
Theme: Demon Spawn

Final Ability Scores
STR: 26, CON: 15, DEX: 13, INT: 14, WIS: 10, CHA: 21

AC: 44 Fort: 41 Ref: 33 Will: 36
HP: 188 Surges: 12 Surge Value: 50

Endurance +17, Heal +15, Intimidate +20

Acrobatics 16, Arcana +17, Athletics +20, Bluff +20, Dungeoneering +15, History +17, Insight15, Nature +15, Perception +15, Religion +17, Stealth +16, Streetwise +20, Thievery +16

Paladin Attack 1
Warlord Attack1: Ardent Strikes
Paladin Attack 1: Inevitable Wave
Paladin Attack 1: Fearsome Smite
Vryloka Utility 2: Unnatural Vitality
Warlord Attack 3: Martial Doom
Warlord Attack 5: Pike Hedge
Paladin Utility 6: Aspect of Domination
Paladin Attack 7: Ravenfrost Strike
Paladin Attack 9: Shadow Blades of Shared Doom
Demon Spawn Utility 10: Abyssal Doom
Paladin Attack 13: Whirlwind Smite
Warlord Attack 15: Formidable Smash
Vryloka Utility 16: Vryloka Bloodbond
Paladin Attack: Dread Smite
Paladin Attack 19: Righteous Inferno
Warlord Utility 22: Bloodthirsty Offensive
Warlord Attack 23: Sudden Assault
Warlord Attack 25: Primordial Onslaught
Paladin Attack 27: Charge of the Dead
Paladin Attack 29: Sorrowsworn Strike

Expert Combat Leader
Blindfighting Warrior
Virtuous Recovery
Low-Light Adaptation
Weapon Proficiency (Fullblade)
Power Attack
Fearsome Host
Two-Handed Expertise
Armor Proficiency: Scale
Lightning Arc
Cold Adaptation
Poison Adaptation
Divine Health
Heat Adaptation
Winter Walker

Deathstalker Fullblade +6
Elderscale Armor of Transport +6
Winged Boots
Gauntlets of Destruction
Helm of Battle (epic tier)
Amulet of Health +6
Ring of Regeneration
Belt of Titan Strength


Iomproir Bais was a renowned warlord of the Distrugerea armies, after his conquest of Vernelia continent 170 years ago Iomproir’s taste of domination was sated. 93 years ago the Fuath Empire collapsed and Iomproir sunk away into darkness not to be heard or seen again, at least until 20 years ago when Iomproir once again wanted to conquer. However this attempt failed thanks to a united army that rose to stop Iomproir, this lead him to study dark and forbidden magic which he studied over a three year period and twisted him both mentally and physically and drove him into a 17 year slumber. And now…….he has awoken stronger than ever before and even more power hungry. Him and his resurrected Distrugerea armies plan on conquering everything and everyone.

Iomproir Bais

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